Scrabble: The Defensive and Offensive Moves

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Scrabble is more than just a word game that needs an expansive vocabulary and rich word bank. You need to master the strategic moves aside from knowing by heart the fundamental word tips to get a high score from high-scoring words. One of the most important tricks you need to know is on how to make those offensive and defensive moves. Placing the tiles on the board is not just putting them there and counting your scores. 

Tactics on Opening the Board Up 

The most attractive and effective way to open up the board is hitting a Bingo. However, if you cannot launch a bingo, then a five- to the six-letter word is as good as you can get. Moreover, longer words also offer more opportunities and great spots on the board where you can build on your next words. Some beginners utilize a Scrabble word finder to help them come up with the right high-value words. This tool also helps you find words that are legitimate according to the Scrabble dictionary. A good way to open up the board is a double-edged sword, however, because as much as it gives you better options to work with, your opponent gets the same privilege. Thus, be very careful with your initial placement.

Tactics on Closing the Board

You can also find Scrabble help for closing the board using diverse techniques, including words that start with j. This means you are not giving your opponent an opportunity to build on words especially on the bonus squares. You need to close the board so that your opponent could not make Bingo words simply because they find it hard to find a spot on the board where they can build from. Closing the board works the same way for you but the best Scrabble cheat is to close the board only if you have a barrage of vowels or you have no high-value letters to work with.


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It is important to understand that Scrabble is a game that can be won using the perfect amalgamation of knowledge and experience. Even the experience players or the “pros” use a lot of tips and tricks to enhance their gameplay and scores.


Although scoring extra points is of the utmost importance, one should always be aware of what they leave behind on their rack while playing Scrabble. There should be a balanced focus on both getting a good score and the quality of the rack leave for your game plan to succeed. This extraordinary ability to estimate the score versus the rack leave is one of the most important decisions made by professional Scrabble players.


You must resist the temptation of holding onto these high scoring words in the expectation of a bigger word score in the future. You must quickly find two or three letter solutions for these letters using your word tips knowledge and avoid holding onto them. Holding these tiles for longer durations may hinder your gameplay and limit your options when it comes to word formations. You can look for words that use these tiles by browsing through the Scrabble word finder online.


If you thing you can win this board game showcasing your peculiar and sublime vocabulary knowledge, you are wrong. This is a game that is won on sound tactics rather than showing off your skills, and efficiently using your shorter words to keep the rack fresh. Using more words and forming more solutions also gives you greater chances of landing the most sought after “S” and blank tiles.

Keep adding to your dictionary on a daily basis and look out for Scrabble help sites that offer a ton of advice to get better at the game. Enhance your game plan to win the game fair and square because no one likes a Scrabble cheat.

Scrabble Helper

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Scrabble helper is a software tool which gives Scrabble help out with word ideas when playing SCRABBLE. Scrabble Helper software is discovered on many Scrabble online websites, and also on many of the latest Internet Scrabble variants. Scrabble Helper helps players when playing Scrabble. Begin, End and Any Letters

Letters from your tile rack are placed on the board. You can also place letters where you may be able to play your words. In this exact instance, you play letters into a "begin" box if you are taking into consideration to play off those letters. You may be able to do the same thing with letters that are usually used to end a word, by means of placing them in the "end" box. In conclusion, letters which can be used anywhere in the rack of letters are placed into the "any" box. The software then searches the scrabble board by using these parameters for corresponding word combinations which are sometimes called Scrabble cheat. Literati

Literati are an example of popular word game which is commonly played. Scrabble Helper can also be used to play this popular word game. This is an advantage to purchasing Scrabble Help software if you are a scrabble player who likes to play other word games, too. A filthy Little Secret

Some of the scrabble purists hate the use of a Scrabble Helper and Scrabble word finder. Scrabble help is a falsification of the SCRABBLE theory, simply because a person desires to play against a live challenger, not a computer. In my opinion, I do not like to use Scrabble Help software. What is the pleasure of playing a game if you are going to have a computer giving you word tips on word to play? To some extent, it reduces the game to the level of a kid with an overbearing or over-helpful parent who gives advice on words.